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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mega-Serial goes down again

On 10-10-2006 (Tuesday) tamil mega-serial 'Selvi' reached new heights. Till the day before 10-10-2006, police department in mega-serials and movies tried to bring the truth from criminal by torture, emotion and bargain. The mega-serial has done a path breaking thing by introducing a scientific form of bringing the truth to light. Just to give give a background of the criminal charges on the character called G.J, he was arrested for abduction of a character called 'Andavar Lingam'. The police tries various methods to bring the truth. They go to the extent of giving shock treatment to G.J. Everythig is prepared for the shock treatment. But nothing pays. G.J escapes at the last moment claiming he is not feeling well and having chest pain.To add to his support the doctor checks his heart beat and declares him unfit.

Finally on 11-10-2006 (Wednesday) the breakthrough comes. G.J. is taken for another test. This time he can't escape. Beats something in your mind? Guessing what could be the test! Polygraph test (lie detector)? No. Here the it goes to the next level.They inject a truth serum in to G.J. After some time the inspector interrogates G.J. G.J accepts the fact that he is the one who abducted 'Andavar Lingam' through a professional killer called 'Pandian'. The interrogation starts and proceeds in the presence of police commissioner and everything gets videod.

Now there is hearing in the court. Police submit the results of the test with the video tape in the court. The judge asks G.J about it. Since there is no other escape, G.J accepts the crime. Suddenly 'Pandian' (the professional killer) appears in the court with 'Andavar Lingam'. Andavar Lingam claims that he wasn't abducted, but he went to kerala for ayurvedic treatment. He tells the story of why he didn't inform others about it and finally says that it is a drama played by the police inspector and the heroin Selvi.
The judge releases G.J and forgives 'Andavar Lingam' and orders departmental action against the police inspector.

Sound's interesting through some sudden turn arounds? There are some simple logical things that wasn't taken in to consideration. Though the truth serum was used to bring the truth, it didn't live up. The test results weren't considered
by the judge once 'Andavar Lingam' gives his version. Good confidence on the test!! The judge orders departmental action against the police inspector without even considering an enquiry. The other thing was the test happened in the presence of police commissioner. Nobody would have thought of it.

Though there was an occasional spike of advancement in the thinking about the truth serum, it didn't live longer, the thinking fell down again to the old style. There are also many other logic killings in all the mega-serials. But wouldn't consider it discussing; it may take more than a lifetime


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Vista's cool feature

Windows new version Vista has a new feature. If your system is low on memory and have USB flash drive, just plug it in and use it for caching. The data stored in this drive is also encrypted. So, even if someone yanks your drive out, he/she can't read the cached data. Don't know how secure is this.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

4 month hurdles race

Am back after bit of break. Had to complete the 4 months hurdles race.
I am talking about my final semester academic project. I call it hurdles race. we had to jump all those hurdles to complete our project. Luckily (myself and two other friends Prakash and Janani ) we got a project at a high profile company in Bangalore. Only thing was we got the project without any problem. We got the project confirmation letter in December 2005 from the company. There was a list of prerequisites to do the project. One of the first and foremost was the bona fide certificate from our college. Second was the police clearance letter from the local police station.Other things were less important.

I will list the hurdle one by one in order.
Hurdle #1: We had to convince our college principal that we got a project in that company and get the bona fide certificate.

We went to college to get the above mentioned thing. It took us more than 5 hours to get the bona fide which would have taken not more than 15 minutes otherwise. We had to write a letter to the principal asking him to provide us with a bona fide certificate. The principal didn't believe us even after showing him the project confirmation letter from the company and asked many questions.He read our requisition letter word by word. He asked us to change our letter four times before he signed it and asked his office to prepare the bona fide certificate.

Hurdle #2: Getting the police clearance certificate.

The next worst thing was getting the police clearance certificate. It took me two days to get it. I went to the local police station along with my father to get the letter. Unfortunately the inspector of the crime department was on leave. So, we went to meet the inspector of the law and order. He wasn't in his office. The constable asked us to come after some time. Even then he was not in his office. My uncle asked us to come to the commissioner's office so that he can get us the letter through a person he knew. We had to wait for a long time in his office. The person was busy with his schedule that he wasn't in his office till afternoon. He phoned his assistant and asked him to help us. But when we went to the respective department, they told us that due to recent changes in jurisdiction they cannot give us the letter. They asked us to go to the Joint commissioner's office of our jurisdication. We phoned the person whom my uncle asked us to meet in the commissioner's office and told him the situation. He gave us a contact at the joint commissioner's office.

We started off from commissioner's office to joint commissioner's office. We met the person there and explained the things that happened and requested for a police clearance certificate. The person told us that the records were in the commissioner's office and not with them and asked us to get a affidavit from the commissioner's office. It was 5 o'clock in the evening and we had to wait till next morning. Since I had to prepare for my exam, my father went to the commissioner's office to get the letter. He had to shuttle between commissioner's office four times the same day to regarding the letter.

Atlast we got the letter the day after a police officer came to my house for confirmation and checked for certain formalities like identity etc.

Hurdle #3: Clearing the security at the company
We went to the company to submit our police clearance certificate and bona fides. Unfortunately myself and Janani couldn't clear the security due to some problem with police clearance certificate. We weren't allowed inside. We informed the person we had to meet about the problem on hand. He said that he will meet us in the reception give the project details.

Hurdle #4: Designing the database schema for our project.

One of the first difficult thing we encountered in the design of our project. The designing the database was a tough job due to our inexperience with it. It was a pretty big one for our time frame.It took us almost two weeks to normalize the database and complete it.

We went to Bangalore again to complete the formalities at the company. This time there wasn't much problem but had to wait for a long time before we were allowed inside.

Hurdle #5: Designing the web pages and coding in ASP .net

Coding wasn't actually the problem though we had 0% knowledge with ASP .net. With a bit of knowledge in C# (only console programming as part of our curriculum) we couldn't start coding in ASP .net until my friend (actually my sister's friend) showed me some snippets of doing few things. We divided the coding part, so that we can do it simultaneously and complete it earlier (also since our coordinator at the company asked us to do so).

Except me everybody started designing and were almost on the verge of completing their part in designing the web pages. I was googling for using the tab controls in ASP .net. After bit of success with the search I started designing the pages. I designed the pages with tab strip controls. I had to hard code the controls for placing it inside the multipage control (used with tab strip control to provide different page for different tabs). Then came the worst part. I wanted to test a bit of the control with programming. I coded for a simple control and ran it. It didn't work. I tried with different controls but all in vain. I googled again but found no answer for it. The problem was that the controls placed inside the multipage controls were not recognized by the compiler. Oh my god, I had to redesign the web pages (about 10 web pages with lot of controls). Atlast I managed to copy paste the code for the web pages with some modifications.

I finished 80% of my web page designing part and others almost 100%. It was the penultimate week of Febraury. We have to hurry through to finish our project!!

Hurdle 6#: Jolt from our college

We were expecting our classes to end by Febraury. We were thinking of doing our most part of the project work during the one month period of May. A jolt struck us; our classes were extended till the end of May. We still had a lot of things to complete.

Hurdle 7#: System failure at Janani's house

To join our list of hurdles another problem arised. System failed at Janani's house and .net wasn't working properly after the recovery. So, she coded and e-mailed the files to me. I had to test and debug if there were any problem.

Hurdle 8#: System failure at Prakash's house

Though the failure was recovered we lost time.

Hurdle 9#: System failure at my house

I had to replace my RAM as it failed. I lost a day due to this.

Even after these problems we completed things at a rapid pace. Whenever we thought the project was almost completed many things arised that we had to implement. It seemed it will never end. We were at full swing as the deadline neared. We had to work a minimum of 10 hours a day to complete our project in time.

Hurdle 10#: King of all hurdles

It was the day, we have to leave to Bangalore to submit our project and get the certificate. We still had some work to complete and prepare the user manual and the installation manual. We were confident of finishing the work. We planned to meet at my house on that morning so that we could finish our work and leave to the railway station from my home. Then came the jolt a powerful one from the power cut. It was 9:15 in the morning when the power was cut. I waited for about 15 minutes. I searched the newspaper for any notice of power cut. Damn, it was listed that the power cut was for regular maintenance. Prakash called me to say that .net in his system is not working properly and the Janani will come to my house only in the evening for some reason. All doors were being shut except a window. I quickly called my friend Nagarajan and asked him whether he is free, there isn't a power cut in his area so that I can go there finish my work there. My friend arrived at my home by 11 o'clock. We immediately started taking my system to his house. We had to interrupt their project work. I am grateful to him. We started on the things that were left.

In the mean time we called Janani and ask her to do some work. The problem is that she didn't have a CD writer. You might think of Internet connection and sending those files by e-mail. The telephone played its part too. Her connection was out of order for a week. We asked her to try to burn the files in the CD at a nearby friend's house. She gave us an affirmation. She had to put the files in a floppy and take it to her friends house to burn it in the CD. She called us by 3 o'clock in the evening to inform us that the floppy drive at her friends house was really a "floppy" drive. It didn't work properly. She told us that she couldn't write it in the CD and she is going to bring it in the floppy.

We have almost completed the things by 4:30 in the evening. Another half an hour to touch up on small things. We came back home at 5:30 p.m. completing our part. By the time the power was back. Janani came to my house around 5:45 p.m. Luckily there wasn't much problem with the floppy in my system. We had to test those files and it had some errors. We had to correct it. It was around 7:40 p.m. when I was creating the setup file. I want double check it before writing it in to the CD. I tested it in my system. Bingo! again there was some problem. I created the setup file again. This time it worked. I wrote the setup file, source code and the manuals in the CD at 7:50 p.m. and went to bath with some satisfaction.

I came back running after my bath to inform my friends that I have missed to write the database dump file in the CD. It was 8:00 p.m. I gave another CD and asked them to write the dump file and went to have my dinner. We had to catch our train to Bangalore that was scheduled at 9:45 p.m the same evening.

My father was shouting at me for messing up things till the last minute. We started at 8:30 p.m. and luckily we got the bus immediately to the railway station and there wasn't much traffic. We reached the station by 9 o'clock well in time to catch the train.

Hurdle #11: The last of all

We were very happy to reach the company and submit the project. They asked us the demonstration of our project. We installed the software and everything went fine. When we tried to view the web page it didn't show up. The problem was the .net framework wasn't installed. We tried in another system after the lunch time. This time the problem was with IIS (web server that can host ASP). We tried, tried, tried and tried............ Atlast it showed up the home page after some tweaks. We couldn't show the full demo as we had to import the database which they said they can't do it at that moment. We showed them the screenshots and explained the things that they got to do to work with the system.

We received our certificate and walked out happily and with a sense of relief.

During all those last two weeks I had dreams(it was always a disturbing one) of the project. Even on the train (on our last trip) I couldn't sleep properly. It was a tension filled four months which was more adventurous than we expected. I had nice sleep after a long time only on 19 April 2006. I also have to thank Aswin for his inputs and helping me out many times.

Hope such things never happen for anyone....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Last day at college

Hello dudes and dudettes,

So quick! The four years at the college went in a jiffy. I still remember the days when I got the 12th results, wrote the TNPCEE (entrance exam for getting in to engineering or medical college) and joined a engineering college.

We came to the last day of our college life on March 29, 2006. The day was full of surprises for me. As usual everybody were in the class. We got the news from our Head of the Department that our juniors want to interact with us and give us some presents. We didn't expect a farewell party, it came as a surprise. Though it wasn't a full farewell party it was very nice and an unexpected one. Juniors treated us with some snacks and presents. All these things went without our principal's knowledge.

The second surprising thing was that one my friend asked a junior girl to serve snacks to me, with whom they were teasing me for a longtime. The class went in to a roar when she served the snacks. Then everybody started teasing me. Even my class co-ordinator joined the party and started teasing me. After those things were over everybody started taking photos with friends and filling slam books. My god, damn those slam books, so many questions to fill! I took a long time answering those questions as best as I can.

Then we took a group photo with all our class mates and lecturers and principal. It took about 15 minutes to arrange the group and take the photo. Again my class mates started taking photos with all of us. We had long chat with our friends.

Then came another surprise. It was lunch time and closing time for the final years.My class coordinator called me. The girl, my friends were teasing me with was standing outside the classroom. Again the class erupted with noise. I went out and my coordinator told me that she has something to say to me. When I met her she said she has nothing to say and it was planned by the coordinator. She shied and went for her lunch. My friends tried to catch a snap but I escaped. As usual they all started teasing me again. Then most of us went to catch the bus to home and few remained in the class to finish taking photos.

These four years we had a mixture of good and bad times. There were some unforgettable moments (and also nightmares).
Hoping to have contacts with my friends as much as possible.

C U all in my next blog.
-Sriram :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

My First Linux Experience

Hello Everybody,

This is an old story. But since I have started blogging only few days back, I will share this experience.

The story dates back to March 2003. My sister was doing her third year engineering. We bought our computer system only some five or six months back. I was in my second year in college. My uncle was there with us for few months since he got a new job in Chennai. My sis spoke of installing and trying Linux. I haven't heard of such a thing then. She said that it is a UNIX like OS. Since I didn't know a bit about the UNIX type OSes, I was against installing it. I was afraid that it might corrupt my new system. So, I asked my uncle about it. He told that it is a very good OS.

After few days,

I was strolling one evening I saw a magazine, PCQuest in a newspaper mart. There was the caption on the front cover, PCQLinux 2003, 3 CDs. I got excited on seeing that. I was thinking whether to buy the magazine and try installing PCQLinux 2003 in system. Returned home and asked money from my father for buying that magazine. Since my uncle was there it gave me some confidence that even if something goes wrong with my computer he will rectify it.

I went to the shop, bought the magazine and came back home. I had some sort of thrill while coming back home. My uncle started installing it as I wished. The installation started around 10 p.m.

As the installation started it threw some text in the screen which I didn't understand a bit. After checking the installation CDs it started asking things I want to install and some initial configurations. My uncle gave all those things and proceeded. It created the partitions and started installing the packages. I was surprised to see a graphical progress bar (a three dimensional one) showing the packages that were being installed. I was surprised to see the graphics level too. It had excellent graphics. Whatever I heard from my sis was that UNIX OSes are command based and hard to work with.

I sat there and watched it as the installation continued. I had college next day; So, I had to go to bed. But I couldn't resist watching the beauty getting installed there. I went to bed with no mood to sleep. The excitement was even more. What will be the system like? Atlast I started sleeping, a disturbed one with all those excitement and expectations.

Woke up at around 12:30 in the midnight. I saw the installation still continuing. I asked my uncle the reason for it. He said that there was some problem with the installation and he is running it second time. I went back to sleep.

The next morning I checked with my uncle whether everything went right. He replied postively. Booted my system in morning to check what was there. It gave me login screen after booting. I logged in after asking the password from my uncle.

My God......., I didn't believe my eyes. I saw a superb desktop with a nice wallpaper and amazing resolution I have never seen before in Microsoft Windows. I had to shut down my system as I had to catch my college bus. I was very happy.

Came back from college that evening booted my system in PCQLinux. Don't know to work with Linux or UNIX OS but wanting to explore the new beauty, I logged in. First checked the applications one by one. It had most of the applications one might use. Right from text editor to office package ( Opened the terminal started typing some command that I saw my uncle type. The fun part was that I don't know the use of the command and also couldn't understand the output. The command I tried were ls and pwd. I understood a bit ls command that it listed the files in the directory. But still couldn't understand that drwxr_x_ _x and most other things. Anyway I kept on executing those to command some 4 or 5 times. It gave me a sense of advanced user. I still laugh at my innocence whenever I get reminded of executing those commands on that day.

Even now working with a terminal, be it Command Prompt in Windows or Console in Linux still gives me a feeling that I am working on some advanced thing, even if I am running the dir or ls command. I think most of us get that feeling.

I was introduced to Linux, open source and the Gnu world. I started liking it.

Ok buddies tats all for now.

Meet you all in my next blog.

Gud nite.

Sriram ;)

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tagged by Aswin

Hello everybody,

I have been tagged by Aswin for a game.

Rules of the Game
1. The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover.
2. Need to mention the sex of the person.
3. Tag 8 (or as many as possible) victims to join this game & leave a comment on their comments saying they’ve been tagged.
4. If tagged the 2nd time, there’s no need to post again.

Ok now about my dream lover.... (a female)
I won't ask for Aishwarya Rai as I don't like her much
1. Have to be moderate (not ultra modern and not ultra old)
2. Should have a homely look
3. Get going kind of a person
4. Jovial but responsible
5. Should be loving and caring (an obvious one ofcourse..)
6. Should have expressive eyes
7. Always similing, take on whatever comes
8. She must be attractive

Friday, March 03, 2006

Why should I blog?

Hello everybody,
This after a debate within myself whether to blog or not. I am very late in writing my first blog but nevertheless, I am writing one. Suddenly I heard the buzz word "blogs" everywhere. Where it all started? Every one is blogging these days. I had a doubt, Am I behind all those people? Certainly not. Then why should I blog. I couldn't find an answer. I had no idea what to start with. Then I thought, Why shouldn't I blog? I found no reasons for that too. I was in a stalemate situation. Atlast I decided to try my hand at blogging. Still I had the problem, What to start with. I was thinking for a good topic for my first blog before I sign up for a blogger account and start blogging. For long time I was scratching my head for a topic, but couldn't come up with one.

Then it was just two days back I got an idea of what to start with. The idea is what you are reading now. The idea was to share my experience on starting a blog.

Going to bed happily after seeing my semester results (cleared all papers). :)

This might be boring for most of you. But I couldn't think of a better topic this time. Hope I come with an interesting one next time.

Bye till then.

C U all in my next blog.